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    February 21, 2013
    A New Take on Roman Shades

    A nautical twist on typical Roman shades. These grommeted curtains are secured with leather bands. This is a nice alternative to installing curtain rods – especially for rentals where the drywall around windows has more than it’s share of poorly-patched holes.


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    February 22, 2010
    World’s Best Curtain Rods Ever

    I recently ordered curtains and curtain rods from JC Penney. A security light installed in the backyard of my building now shines directly through the blinds in my bedroom. It’s great for security but also like having a full moon blaring directly into my eyes while I’m trying to sleep. JC Penney has always been one of my favorite places to hunt for cheap home decor essentials, but some Roman shades I bought from them a few years ago were sort of disappointment. Not the case with aptly named 1.25″  Diameter Curved Rods. Not only do they look like something you’d find at West Elm for triple the price, they are great quality, heavy duty rods that are easily installed by two people and a drill. They’re on sale (and have been for at least a few weeks) for $30-$50 per rod.

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    : curtains, decorating, DIY, hardware, home

    January 19, 2008
    White Sale At William-Sonoma Home

    We just received a reminder from our friend Meredith over at William-Sonoma that their Semiannual White Sale is in progress. It only happens once a year so here is your perfect excuse to stock up on all your favorite bedding and bath William_sonoma_white_sale
    items from William-Sonoma Home. William_sonoma_white_sale_ad

    I took a look around and loved the crisp clean look of the bedding pictured here.

    And even better, for a limited time there is FREE shipping off select white sale merchandise!

    Not in the market for whites? Then check out their semiannual sale on furniture, lighting accessories and more. You’ll see savings of up to 50%. William_sonoma_semiannual_sale_bu_2

    Take a look and then stop back in and let us know what you can’t live without.

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    : accessories, bath accessories, bedding, furniture, Lighting, on sale at William Sonoma, sale alert, sheets, White Sale, William Sonoma, William Sonoma sale items, William Sonoma White Sale

    July 21, 2007
    Drapes, Curtains, Valances, Oh My!

    I’ve never really been a drape or curtain gal myself, although in some homes they can look so elegant and ad that extra touch of character that a room needs. I do like the look of valances though and have been looking around trying to figure out how to measure for them if I decide to save some money and buy them online.

    I found this really cool video on The Factory Bargain Drapes site that shows exactly how to measure your window according to what type of window treatment you are looking for so now I have an idea of how to go about shopping for what I want.

    The bloggers at Home Interior and Furniture have a great list to help get anyone’s creative juices flowing when it comes to home decor and they totally recommend window treatments for improving the atmosphere in a room…….

      "Choose drapes or curtains that compliment the design style you have
    chosen for the rest of your room. Using rich looking fabrics on the
    windows will add a feeling of luxury to yourSwatches_fabrics
    room, and help to bring
    all of your room decorating ideas together."

    Unfortunately, my problem is, there are so many cool, modern, fabrics to choose from I never know which one to pick.

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    : curtains, Drapes, Valances, Window Treatments