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    July 17, 2007
    Flip This House Wants You

    Fth_logo_low_resA&E’s "Flip This House" is looking for teams of real house-flippers to feature this season. The show covers the high-stakes, high-drama process of taking a home from lump of coal to diamond and turning a profit in the process.

    The show is looking for, "confident, charismatic, motivated and opinionated people who "flip" residential properties for a living. We want real-estate adrenaline junkies who love the high risk, high reward nature of their jobs and who are devoted to doing a great job!"

    If that sounds like you or someone you know, Email them at Make sure to provide all necessary contact info. And please tell them that Shak in Style referred you.

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    : casting call, Flip This House, real estate

    February 16, 2007
    Beach Blanket Bingo

    Episode 3 of Top Design was tropical, fanciful, and whimsical, and yet left me wanting more. I think because the challenge was a bit more awkward due to the fact that the nine finalists were put into groups of three and I felt like I spent more time watching the groups try and "work" together as opposed to experiencing each of their individual talents as in the weeks prior. Summer bummer. 

    Each beach cabana was unique and exotic in its own way but clearly the judges were disappointed in all three to some degree. Holly, at Decor8 was just glad that the challenge took place on the beach and not in the Pacific Design Center. Although I will say, I do enjoy watching them shop with loads of money in that place.

    Franki, from Life In A Venti Cup has jumped on the Top Design Bandwagon and is totally hooked. Even though the show in itself still falls short in some areas, Franki comments in her blog, that you can’t deny the talent of the off-screen designers that are involved in the show, especially that of Jonathan Adler….. 

    "Jonathan has taken quite a bit of heat (as have all the judges) for
    being less than warm to the competitors. But in the end I applaud his bravery for blogging
    and sharing experiences that viewers don’t get to see. The camera may
    well add 10 pounds, but TV show editors posses the power to add 10
    times the drama. Why else would we watch?"

    In light of all the "poor" decorating choices the designers made in this episode, I suggest they spend their next shopping spree at the Jonathan Adler Mega Sale going on now until February 24th. Decor8 says, "hurry"! Frank says, "scandalously low prices for tabletop couture." Shakinstyle says, "see ya later, decorator, I’m off to the sale"…..

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    February 8, 2007
    See You Later Decorator

    "See you later decorator", was the signature kissoff line of Jonathan Adler in last night’s episode of Top Design, as he sent another designer home.  Evidently, the heat has been on Adler from the moment he spoke it, and he let’s everyone know how he feels about this in his blog….

    "Oh well. At the end of the day, it’s got to be something, so to
    everyone who thinks it’s the worst thing since Foam destroyed the
    restaurant world — y’all can kiss my swatch. For reals."

    I, for one, think Jonathan Adler truly brings a creative honesty to this show and the bloggers at Shelterrific agree; they love Adler’s humor and wonder why everyone seems uptight and afraid to laugh on the show. He embraces everything about his profession including people’s tendencies to mock him and goes on to say that once you accept the majesty of a catchphrase you will find many an opportunity to use it!

    Holly, at Decor8, has quite a dialogue going on about last night’s episode that deserves a look regarding the fact that the the jury is still out on this show and it’s going to take another couple of episodes to really get people into the swing of what Top Design is trying to accomplish.

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