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    July 21, 2014
    Put a Lid On It

    This Put a Lid On It storage bin from the Land of Nod is the perfect place to stash toys of the kiddo or pet variety. 18″ high x 10.5″ wide,  on sale for $39.95.


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    July 11, 2014
    Smarty Pants Hanger

    I just discovered these genius corner-hanging bars over at CB2. I can’t believe no one has done this before. Such a great way to reclaim unused space – and they’re pretty, too. 45″ Corner Hanging Bars, $40 each.

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    July 8, 2014
    Meow We’re Talking

    And the award for cutest office accessory goes to … the Meow You’re Organized Paper Clip Holder ($15). Even the name is too cute. Plus his little tail is a magnet to help pull out paperclips.

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    June 27, 2014
    Wall Power

    Lately I’ve been stashing my probably too large collection of shoes under-the-bed storage and in a laundry basket under my desk. Obviously, neither of these is idea. One is hard to get to. The other is pretty unsightly. Now I find myself considering these industrial wall shelves as a real alternative. I’ve been a bit hesitant to put my shoes on shelves as not all of them are aesthetic winners. But I like the idea of mixing in boxes in which I could hide some of my more utilitarian pairs.  I think Ikea’s Grundtal Wall storage shelves would be a great option for pulling this off ($19.99 per shelf).

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    June 20, 2014
    A Storage Bed with Style

    As a small-space dweller I have been considering a bed with built in storage for awhile. The problem is most storage beds either look like they belong in a dorm or a beach cottage in Nantucket. That’s why I was happy to see this slightly more modern option from Serena and Lilly. I love the Parson-style, but not so much the wicker baskets. I suppose they could be replaced with something a bit sleeker. Sadly, this frame is only available in twin and full ($800 & $900 respectively).

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    June 13, 2014
    Basket Case

    I ran across this accordion basket on Anthropologie today and was so thrilled. I literally have a bag of yarn sitting on the floor of my bedroom and no drawer or closet space left to stow it in. Perfect, I thought. I’ll just order this genius storage basket and problem solved. Then I see it’s sold out. So it’s off to Etsy’s vintage section to troll for baskets that might work on the wall. Maybe this one? I’m still thinking about it.

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    April 25, 2014
    Boutique Clothing Bar DIY

    My new apartment has exactly two closets, both of which are about deep enough and wide enough for one thin person to stand in. Of course, that just wasn’t going to cut it, so I went to pinterest for some inspiration. I found the below image featuring an industrial-style curtain rod used to store clothes.

    I priced out curtain rods at West Elm, Restoration Hardware and Crate and Barrel and found nothing for less than $70. So I decided to do it myself.

    All it took were a few plumbing fittings from Home Depot, a can of black semi-gloss spray paint, and a little help to get it installed. Total cost: under $40. Total time investment: 1 hour of work, several hours of waiting for paint to dry.

    What you will need:

    2 half-inch diameter lengths of 24″ black or stainless steel plumbing pipe

    2 half-inch diameter 90 degree elbows

    1 half-inch diameter Threaded T

    3 half-inch diameter floor flanges

    You will first have to pick and scrape off the insanely annoying price tags and the tape that they are attached with. Then I used a multi-purpose bathroom cleaner to remove the grease they use to keep the pipes from rusting (if you don’t, your paint won’t stick). I then assembled my hanging rod (I didn’t want to risk getting paint in the pipe threading, making them difficult to screw together). Then I gave the whole thing two coats of black semi-gloss. I used Rustoleum and let the second coat dry over night just to be safe. Then you install it using screws and drywall anchors. Make sure you have a level handy and someone to help. Voila – more room for clothes.









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    March 24, 2014
    No Closet Space? No Problem.

















    I recently moved into what is, with the exception of my Freshman dorm room, the smallest space I have ever lived in (I’m from Texas, land of the large apartment). My new place is about 500 square feet. As a result, I find myself extremely lacking in closet space. I have two tiny closets – one in the bedroom and one in the living room, in which I keep my vacuum and other cleaning supplies, tools, lightbulbs, etc. So how to cope? I’ve already sold or donated everything I haven’t worn in the last 6 months, added hooks to every door to hang coats, purses and bags, and stowed things under the bed. Still, I’ve got things I can’t find a place for. So, I was excited to find this idea at Imagination Breakfast. Not only is it a pretty way to display your favorite items or your outfit for the next day, it’s up and out of your way.

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    February 28, 2014
    Save to Clipboard

    I ran across this fantastic idea for storing your favorite jewelry in a Buzzfeed post about space-saving ideas for storing clothes and accessories. Why not use those gorgeous necklaces as art when you’re not wearing them? See the rest of their clothing organization ideas here.

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    February 5, 2014
    Etsy Find: Woodn’t it be Nice

    Wooden organizer from Hitonari Works, $280.

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