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    June 5, 2007
    ICFF Brings Sexy, Gothy, Glam Back

    294x450Crystal spider webs, chandeliers in tables, black wingback chairs. Sexy is defiantly back at the Rhode Island School of Design. These items from the RISD collaboration with Swarovski are sexy with a twist of goth. I’m intrigued.

    See more from the RISD here.
    Via Design Public.


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    : crystal, Decor, furniture, ICFF, RISD, Swarovski

    March 1, 2007
    Shak Design

    Introducing Shakadoo‘s new reality blog, Shak Design, created by those who love their home for those who love their home. We’ve got nine hopeful shaks with unique qualities, competing for the number one blog spot.  Shakadoo  is designed to bring the most compelling content, useful information and overall creativity to a blogging portal. Each week the nine shaks will be face a challenge to get the most traffic, comments and links for the best "Shak Design".   Let’s take a minute to introduce each shak.

    Our first contestant has a background in nurseries, up sizing, baby furniture and mommy blogs.  Her experience makes her blog a a strong contender in the Shakadoo challenge, let’s give a warm welcome to Loveshakbaby.

    Coming all the way to us from the home office, is Workshak. Workshak has great experience in home office management, office furniture and organizational strategies, that we think make his blog one of our top contending shaks in this competition.

    Our next shak comes from the financial industry and has been protecting homeowners biggest asset for years. Loanshak has an professional background in loans, family finance and home mortgage topics that make his blog a definite possibility based on current housing market trends.

    All the way from our own back yard is Shakyard, our "greenest" shak. With experience in landscaping, lawn care, outdoor furniture and gardening, we give his blog a big green thumbs up!

    As a leader in the DIY and home improvement arena, Shakhammer comes to us ready to handle any remodel, repair or re-decorating challenge Shak Design can dish out.

    Coming from the world of visual, audio, and technological trends, Shaktronics is definitely the flashiest shak of our contestants. We’ll see if his blog can get along with the others and remain a team player through the challenges.

    And speaking of team players, ShakandJill comes all the way from the land of real estate with expertise in the home buying and selling industry. Her creative answers and knowledge of the market make her blog a leading contender in this week’s challenge.

    Our final contestant competing this week is Shakinstyle, and her experience in design, decor, trends, color and flow give her blog a definite leading edge.  She has currently established herself as a successful blog and hopes that this challenge makes her design the "shak design".

    Check it out and cast your vote on which shak you think should win this week’s Shak Design!

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    : loanshak, loveshakbaby, Shakadoo, shakandjill, shakhammer, shakinstyle, shaktronics, Shakyard, workshak

    January 31, 2007
    Top Design

    Reality competition series are quickly becoming one of America’s biggest addictions. On the heels of the critically acclaimed "Top Chef" and "Project Runway", Bravo is taking these reality series to the next level by offering a behind the scenes look at the creative, competitive, and client-driven interior design business with its new reality series called "Top Design".

    Jon at Happy Mundane is really excited about watching design heroes like, Jonathan Adler, and Kelly Wearstler tonight on "Top Design’s" premier. In his love for happy colors and good design of any kind, Jon finds Adler’s statement from a Bravo interview to be brilliant…

    "start with a classical foundation, and end it with playful punctuation."

    Jon goes on to say that this statement is totally true and exclaims "words to live by" for decorating and design questions. Hopefully the twelve aspiring interior designers are prepared and have a grasp of Adler’s words as they will be competing for cash to start their own design firms and a spot in one of New York’s finest designer showcases.

    The show goes like this:

    "In ‘Top Design,’ high pressure, eccentric personalities and creative
    egos combine to fuel the next big hit in competition reality. Aspiring
    and professional interior design contestants will converge and compete
    in a series of challenges to create the “Top Design” while living in a
    decked-out studio loft as they are inspired and critiqued by
    professionals who are leaders in their chosen field".

    As an already big fan of Jonathan Adler (I have his book, My Prescription For Anit-Depressive Living) I’ve got this show programmed and ready to record just in case I can’t stay up that late; but no worries, all the "Top Design" judges have their own blogs on Bravo, so I can just check out what they all have to say about the show tomorrow!

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