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    May 6, 2009
    My Favorite Inspiration

    I look at a lot of different design blogs to find inspiration, and my very favorite inspiration house ever is this one, by Lara Rossignol. I loved it the first time I saw it on Saucy Dwellings on Livejournal, I loved it in the Domino Reader’s Choice Awards, and I still love it when I came across it again while reading sfgirlbybay.

    This home reminds us that the details are important when creating an overall look. Lara’s house is vintagey without being too kitschy, detailed without being overwhelming. It’s just the perfect mix, in my opinion.

    What are your favorite inspirations?

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    February 27, 2009
    Padma’s Pad

    Padma Lakshmis home
    For more, go here.

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    January 14, 2008
    Comedian Lives in Ikea

    Ikea2Comedian Mark Malkoff needed a place to live while his NY apartment was fumigated. He asked Ikea if they’d let him stay in their store for a week and record the experience. They said yes.

    Mark moved into the Ikea on January 7th, and stayed through January 12th. He slept, ate, and lived there. You can see video recaps of his days here.

    Via D Home.

    PS – I ate at the Ikea cafe for the first time yesterday and I was really, honestly impressed. I had the Swedish meatballs and a piece of their apple cake and I’d do it again. Mmmmm.

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    : comedian, comedy, furniture, Ikea, Mark Malkoff, marketing, store, stunt, video

    October 16, 2007
    Neiman Marcus Home Markdowns

    Nmh1c2l_mnNeiman Marcus has a few of their home items on sale, including some lovely modern serveware.

    If you have to breathe into a bag every time you spend over $100 (guilty) this is not the sale for you. But there are some significant markdowns.

    My picks:

    Ercuis steamer coffee pot: was $512, now $333.

    The Lakeside lantern: was $329, now $263.


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    : coffee pot, Lighting, modern, Neiman Marcus, sale, serveware

    May 10, 2007
    Life In A Venti Cup

    I must tell you about my dear friend, Franki Durbin.  She has a wonderful blog about living life to the absolute fullest called "Life In A Venti Cup". (I love that title)

    Franki is very smart. She can design a whole website, like this one. In fact, she did design this whole website.

    Every time she sends me an e-mail she calls me "doll" even though I am waaaayyyyy older than her. (She’s a good friend because she makes me feel younger).

    Franki also has excellent taste; in clothes, shoes, purses, and home decor, you know…the essentials. She looks, in real life, just like the fashionista in the picture above and so when it comes to style, since I really don’t have much, I turn to her and read her blog, religiously.

    The other day, Franki posted about the Aesthetics and Economics blog and her discovery of the very funny, Denise Dorrance. Franki thinks her Mimi series is terrific

    I got a chuckle and thought you would too!

    Thank you, Dahhhhling!


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    : Aesthetics and Economics, Brandstorming, Denise Dorrance, Durbin Media, Franki Durbin, Life in a Venti Cup