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    November 26, 2007
    I Was Tagged!

    Tagyourit I am coming over to Shak In Style today because I was tagged here. Are you familiar with Blog Tag? I was not until I found out it was my turn!

    I wrote a post here Featured Squidoo Lens: Organizing A Room and was tagged by a commenter. Here is what he said:

    "I am tagging you so readers are coming to see Seven Weird or Random facts about the author of this blog! We can’t spend all of our time on StumbleUpon right? You can see the post on my blog Virginia Breeze and have a great day."

    Here are the rules of this blog tag game:

    Post these rules on your blog.
    List seven random and/or weird facts about yourself.
    Tag seven random [?] people at the end of your post and include links to their blogs.
    Let each person know that they have been tagged by posting on comment on their blog.

    1) My favorite candy is a Snickers bar. It MUST be eaten the same way every time. First I eat the chocolate off of the sides of the candy bar. Then I eat the chocolate from the bottom of the candy bar and also from the top. This leaves the nougat and the peanuts. The nougat is eaten first and the peanuts last. I have done this since I was a child. The person who tagged me loves Snickers Ice Cream Bars apparently. By the way, these must be eaten in the same manner!

    2) When I was a child, I believed that Dracula lived in a picture that hung in my basement. The picture was not scary, it was of a house at the end of a road. I don’t know why I believed that Dracula lived in the picture, but no one could convince me otherwise!

    3) My family used to go camping to a place called Buggs Island. We went there year after year and loved it. There is a little graveyard there inside the campground. The first time I saw the grave of Little May Land, I was convinced that I was her reincarnated. (I used to read a lot of horror books back then!) To be honest, I still think that!

    4) I am a Day’s Of Our Lives junkie! I have watched the show since I was a kid. I tape it every day and watch it every evening.

    5) I love Nascar! I acquired the love for it two years ago. Prior to that, I couldn’t understand how anyone could watch cars going around in a circle. I happened to win a bet which paid me $90 and I was hooked after that. Congratulations to my drive Jimmie Johnson! Go #48!!!!!

    6) My son and my husband have a joke about me. They claim that if I stay up past midnight, I will explode. I admit that I am not a night owl. I used to be but having children has made me tired! At the end of the day, I am ready for bed. BUT, give me a party and I am one of the last people standing!

    7) I am happy to say that I am typing this without the aide of glasses or contacts. I had laser eye surgery back in April and it was a huge success!!!!

    I had to tag seven other blogs in this game. Here I go!

    Kerith at The Flugpo Blog

    Peter Morrow at Peter Morrow’s Online Money

    Jack Payne at Six Hours Past Thursday

    Kristina at Mama Divas

    Jon at  Freelance Folder

    Scott at  Father Speak

    Shakadoo’s very own Kathylynn at Love Shak, Baby

    That completes my game of blog tag! It was really fun!

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    : blog friends, blog tag, meme blog, random thoughts


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    Sorry, but I can’t participate in your game (which sounds like fun, by the way). I’m on WebTv with its restricted options for use. For this reason I have my marketing agent handle my blog. I only provide him with the posts and do comments. Like an ostrich, with head in sand, I have passed the buck.

    Your Buggs Island reincarnation is probably why Dracula lives in your picture. Not to worry though, you can probably unwind from your demons with the help of your friendly neighborhood exorcist.

    I enjoyed reading your list. David did a good job when he tagged you. I am with you on the having children has made me tired.
    Nice to meet you, and I have enjoyed looking around here.

    Thanks Jack. I will look into that exorcist!

    Thanks Truddle. I enjoyed playing the game!

    Good job. I enjoyed it too. And it adds something to your blog that is quite nice.

    I agree. Thanks again David!

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