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    November 30, 2007
    Shak In Style Giveaway

    Royalpaisley24pc1_4 Canyon Crest’s

    24 Piece Royal

    Paisley Queen



    November 30th-December 21st.


    Canyon Crest and Shak In Style have teamed up to offer you another exciting giveaway. Wait until you hear what you get…

    * comforter
    * one fitted and one flat sheet
    * two pillow cases
    * two euro pillow shams
    * two standard shams
    * a bed skirt
    * four valances
    * four drapery panels
    * four tie backs
    * two decorative pillows

    All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this post telling us what topic you would like Shak In style to blog about and you could win.

    The winner’s name will be posted on the morning of December 21st. They will be notified by e-mail and in a "winner’s post".

    (This is a "sticky" post and will remain at the top of the page
    for the duration of our Canyon Crest Giveaway but new posts will be written
    daily and published underneath this post).

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    : bedding set, comforter set, draperies, pillow shams


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    How about a post on making the most of a small kitchen?

    Cheap ways to improve a house.

    I bet there would be interest in a post on making the best use of space in the bedroom. I am overrun with books and need bookshelves. I would love to have some put in my bedroom, but where? How to make them blend in appropriately? How about one of those beds with the giant bookshelf headboards . . . best place to find one?

    Cutting edge energy efficient & green home appliances, 10 ways to decorate on a budget, effective ways to reuse what you think of as household junk, where and how to find great furniture deals that won’t break the bank, 5 interior decorating tips that’ll make you a pro, best ways to utilize space and light in your home:) Thanks Shakadoo and good luck!

    I would love to see ideas on organizing a small house especially ideal and most efficent ways to organize a closet.

    I blogged ya too :

    What a cool site! I would love to know what products are inexpensive and useful for organizing a small little girls room with lots of LITTLE toys!

    my daughter has a new home and i would love to be able to set up here new home in a less expensive way and organize everything for her

    Easy ways to organize so that your kids can put stuff away themselves

    how about a post on how to manage all those toys that are going to invade our homes in a few short weeks? That would be great! Thanks for a great givaway…

    how about a post on how to manage all those toys that are going to invade our homes in a few short weeks? That would be great! Thanks for a great givaway…

    how about a post on how to manage all those toys that are going to invade our homes in a few short weeks? That would be great! Thanks for a great givaway…

    Hmmm…how about a post about other storage ideas when you really don’t have much storage avaliable in your home.

    I’d love to read about products that have multiples uses. What I mean is they start out being used for one purpose and once their usefullness in that aspect is over, they can be converted or somehow used in another form or way. Anything to help stretch the dollar a bit more.

    I’m a grandma and would love info about keeping my home fun for my little grandchildren and ways to keep their toys aside and still keep the house MINE!

    desktop organization, mine’s always a mess

    Getting the most space out of a relatively small closet.

    How about a post on activities to keep 18 month old twin boys entertained and out of trouble?! :)


    I love the bedding set your giving away and I really could use it Im not able to get such beautful bedding on a fixed income. I would like you to blog about this topic that seems most people tend to get away from and it really would be interesting. Id like for you to blog about the restroon and bathroom especially about some real nice shower curtains and sets to go with it its so hard to find some inexpensive shower curtains to really make your bathroom look nice and cheerful. We really spend alot of time in the bathroom and restroom it be nice to have it looking pretty, and enjoy the time we spend there.. So how about blogging about some real nice shower curtains and things like that.

    How to blend a whole family’s disparate tastes…

    I would like to know how to organize a limited amount of things in a cramped little apartment or dorm room and still let it look nice and homey.

    How about some fast short-cut cleanup tips for last minute company plans. This would be perfect for the holidays!

    I would like to read about different kinds of curtains, window dressings, or shades, something to get an idea of
    how to decorate each room.

    I would love to read about Low budget, useful things for small kitchens for cuboards to countertops.

    How bout blogging about how to make a nice inexpensive meal at holiday dinners!!

    I’d love to see some cheap-ish DIY tricks for doing your own letterpress – if that’s possible. Or fun alternatives to David Hicks style fabrics that aren’t too expensive. There’s my 2 cents!

    I agree with all of the storage dilemas.

    But I think I would like to see ways to repurpose old things into newish things.

    I’d love to see a post on how to decorate your apartment on a budget

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