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    June 28, 2007
    Kitchens in Color!

    Hi there, it’s me, Susan Serra, CKD from The Kitchen Designer, popping in because I just had to share something with the readers of Shak In Style. I made an audible gasp (what does that say about ME??) when I saw this post from Desire To Inspire. It’s kitchen after kitchen after kitchen, all done up in strong, lively, colors.

    In some cases, in these images, colors are used as accents, and in others they tell the whole story in a fundamental way. The GOOD thing about using color as, say, paint, in a kitchen (the kitchen materials themselves being so permanently installed for decades!) is that you can, say,  "go orange" and be inspired by what’s happening in the moment, only to change your tune a year from now if desired, and go all calm and peaceful in a oyster gray sort of way.

    I see color as almost a coat around me. I have one coat that’s funky which I absolutely love to wear. Another that’s a basic tan that goes with everything and I love for that reason too, because I don’t have to THINK when I put it on, and another coat that’s all frufru luxury in a strong blue suede with black trim. The point is, I feel differently in each coat just as you feel emotions being surrounded by color…relaxed, calm, excited, happy, warm, cool, and more.

    Between paint and elements such as chairs, some of which you see in color in Desire To Inspire’s post, and accessories, take a good look at these images and see which colors and how they are used that you react to….and why. That will give you a clue as to what’s right for you! Color me content.

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    I love it! Our Apron would look so good on someone in this kitchen. Very retro but stylish.

    I just love color! Brings everything to life. Gone are the old white walls, in with some nice bold colors. Great!


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