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    May 10, 2007
    Life In A Venti Cup

    I must tell you about my dear friend, Franki Durbin.  She has a wonderful blog about living life to the absolute fullest called "Life In A Venti Cup". (I love that title)

    Franki is very smart. She can design a whole website, like this one. In fact, she did design this whole website.

    Every time she sends me an e-mail she calls me "doll" even though I am waaaayyyyy older than her. (She’s a good friend because she makes me feel younger).

    Franki also has excellent taste; in clothes, shoes, purses, and home decor, you know…the essentials. She looks, in real life, just like the fashionista in the picture above and so when it comes to style, since I really don’t have much, I turn to her and read her blog, religiously.

    The other day, Franki posted about the Aesthetics and Economics blog and her discovery of the very funny, Denise Dorrance. Franki thinks her Mimi series is terrific

    I got a chuckle and thought you would too!

    Thank you, Dahhhhling!


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    : Aesthetics and Economics, Brandstorming, Denise Dorrance, Durbin Media, Franki Durbin, Life in a Venti Cup


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    Kristen this is so flattering!

    Thank you for the gracious post. And thank you so much for making Shakadoo rock the way it does! I love what you’ve done with the place! 😉

    Ciao, bella!

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