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    May 5, 2007
    Hue: Coloring Book Contest

    Do you want to try something fun? Do you secretly wish you could color with your 3 year old but shy away from Barney or Mickey? Well, here is something just for us adults that will bring out the creativity in  you! Rachel, over at Hue, is having an adult coloring contest……..

    "If you use Photoshop, or other photo-editing program, try your hand at
    coloring one of these rooms. If you’re not particularly computer-savvy,
    feel free to color in the more traditional format, with crayons, pens,
    etc. You can print out the image, color to your hearts delight, then
    scan it back into your computer and email it to me at
    rachel.perls[at]gmail[dot]com. Use your imagination- the sky is the
    limit. No need to add elements, just add color to the pieces in the
    photo of your choice."

    Rachel is going to post the beautiful submissions that she receives and there just might be a little something for the best submission. Cool!

    Personally, I love the color white and would love to live in a room that is totally white. Here’s what Rachel has to say about white:

    "Facts in white: contrary to popular opinion, decorating your space in
    all white is anything but soothing and neutral. The human eye sees pure
    white as a brilliant color, and the highly reflective quality of white
    can cause glare, in turn causing eye strain and headaches. Not too
    soothing, right? White jumps out at you just as any other bright color
    does. It can be perceived as cold, sterile and stark. So, that sparked
    my idea about the coloring book. These images are just screaming to be

    For all the pictures you can color and more details about Photoshop, check out Rachel’s post on her "Coloring Book Contest" and may the best colorer win!

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    This looks like so much fun. I’ll have to squirrel away some time to do this. Nice idea!

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