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    April 14, 2007
    Mark Cutler Does Kitchens!

    Mark Cutler is an accomplished design professional. Truly. He’s a favored designer of some famous Hollywood notables, and has a look that is just all around wonderful. I look for soul. Mark has soul in his work. To me, that is one of the, if not the, highest compliment to give a designer. Susan Serra, CKD, here, talking kitchens…

    I was reading Mark’s blog and was pleased to see a kitchen (I’m always pleased to see kitchens). Mark designed this kitchen and had a local LA company build the cabinetry. I think it’s great to have the point of view of an interior designer in the kitchen design process. This way, not only is scale and proportion discussed, but the next layer of decorative detailing has a special focus, which should be considered early on, rather than as an after thought. Just look at how Mark has brought in warmth. I don’t even need to tell you where….it beckons you. See more of Mark on Design Talk. Here is more of Mark’s work seen in Desire to Inspire.

    What speaks to me in this kitchen is the very interesting combination of cool surfaces, as seen in the stainless steel appliances and countertops, punctuated by the warmth, the chairs, the floor, and also in a striking way, the doors! The white serves as a neutral between these two elements, which makes for a very easy, flowing space, assisted by the light walls as well. It’s fresh!

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    Susan, Thanks for the glowing review. I strive hard to make all my rooms have souls. This is especially important in a Kitchen, where most people spend so much time.

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