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    February 23, 2007
    Interview With Decor8

    We wanted to CELEBRATE OUR BIG LAUNCH by featuring one of our very favorite blogs, Decor8

    An interior decorator and freelance writer, Holly Becker, wanted to create a blog that would catalog what she loves, and reach out to others who share her passion for design and need for creative living. She has done an outstanding job by bringing cool ideas, unique finds, and a community of friends we can only dream of having, to the blogging world. 

    In an exclusive e-mail interview with Holly, she opens up about her life, her goals, and what makes her happy. You can tell right away what a real and genuine gift to the on line world she truly is…….

    1.  With the wonderful design career that you’ve had what made you decide to start blogging?
    I really haven’t had a wonderful design career, but thanks for saying that. I actually managed facilities and communications for most of my career, only recently leaving to pursue my passions in writing and design. After working with clients for only 7 months, I decided to start a blog (1/06) because I wanted to catalog my finds and back then, only a handful of design blogs existed, so it felt like the perfect time to get started. I am a vintage modern kind of girl with a love of textiles, sewing, flea markets, art, and travel. I wanted to blog about things I was passionate about.

    2.  How long have you been blogging?
    I started in May 05 but didn’t know what to say, so I sat on it for 8 months until I knew. In January 2006, I blogged for the first time and haven’t stopped talking since.

    3.  How much time do you spend writing posts, doing research and reading comments per day?
    2-3 hours on posts and 24 hours a day on research, ideas are all I think about.

    4.  What other blogs do you read (work & pleasure)?
    My list of daily reads is long, you can look at my blogroll on decor8 (left column) to catch a glimpse.

    5.  Where does your inspiration come from?
    First, inside. I have a very creative and vivid imagination, things pop up in my brain at random and I find myself extremely creative in spurts based on that. On days when the creativity isn’t there, I turn to my favorite books and magazines (I am very visual), or have a stimulating conversation with my husband or a friend. My husband and I are together a lot, so I’m able to bounce ideas off of him constantly. He is brilliant, deep, amazing, talented, wise… One 10 minute chat with him, and I’m lifted from a low valley to a very high mountain. I adore him. I also flip through flickr images. I am flickr obsessed. Starbucks coffee helps, as does browsing bookstores and boutiques.

    6.  How do you stay motivated?
    I’ve wanted to cry, take a day off, eat a pint of Ben and Jerry’s, throw my laptop against the wall, and hide under my blankets, but I’ve never wanted to quit. This goes for everything in my life. I’m a total fighter, a soldier. My mother has been telling me this since I was a young girl, and she’s right – it’s more and more obvious to me as I grow older. I am motivated by my own personality. Sounds weird, I know. But I have this ability to stay positive and focused. Being positive. Looking on the bright side helps me head forward. I always have a smile on my face, it’s there because I’m convinced that despite my problem or worry, I am still wayyy better off than so many, and I’m very grateful for what I have. I’m happy in my own skin, with my life, and knowing when to say "time out" to refresh is the key to staying motivated. Do the best you can on your own work and support others – what "comes around, goes around" is not just something your grandmother said! 

    7.  Do you have blogging goals (like what you want to accomplish with your site)?
    Yes, many! But world domination isn’t one of them. I rather use my blog to promote others, not myself. I promote my own business outside of my blog, not through it. I want to continue to be a spot where readers find a positive, interactive, inspiring place that feels supportive and stimulates their creativity. I don’t care if others blog to promote their work, because that may work well for them and half of my friends do it, so I am most supportive. I just don’t want my blog to be a workplace for me, that’s really all it comes down to. I want it to be my freedom, a place where I can hang out and be myself.

    8.  What is the most important thing that you want readers to take away after reading your posts? Positive. Inspired. And that your home is the one spot on this massive planet that is uniquely yours. Make the best of it – don’t neglect your space or your family or other parts of your life will start to suffer. People thrive in a home that supports them. 

    9.  When you take a break what is your favorite indulgence?
    I love to travel, even if it’s just a day trip to the coast or a weekend in Montreal, and if I’m home, I love to sew, read an entire book in a day, or go out for coffee + dessert. I also love to take long walks in the forest with my camera. I really enjoy visiting animal shelters and pet stores. I do this weekly, my lifestyle doesn’t allow me to own a pet yet because I’m in Germany 2-3 months each year and travel a lot on the weekends, but someday… I will have a dog and a cat, and a huge iron cage with brightly colored finches. 

    10.  What is the key to getting comments?
    I don’t know, I don’t ever think about that, sorry!!  Maybe I should though, huh? So many people email me that I always feel like things are flowing fine. But I guess asking questions so readers can get involved? Or an open thread? In the past, these things seemed to work for me…

    11.  What is your favorite part of blogging, eg. Making friends, community building, getting heard etc.?
    I love being a somewhat ‘alternative press’ option for business owners looking to promote their work. When someone writes to me with a really great product or service, and it fits my aesthetic, I write about them and then, sit back and wait. Very often they write in with lots of good news. Items selling or selling out, being contacted and featured on HGTV, in Domino, Real Simple, Hallmark, and other magazines, linked by other great blogs (which I always love because the more blogs that write about a business, the better for the business – which is great!), and some even picked up by stores because decor8 has several shop owners reading the site. I also enjoy blogging because I have a space to catalog things, as I mentioned already, and all the wonderful contacts I’ve made. I feel extremely grateful that I’ve come in contact with this whole world of talented men and women that exist out there, people I may have never met had I not created decor8. Like you Kristen! Thank you for interviewing me. :)

    Thank you, Holly! It’s been our pleasure to get to know you!

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    I absolutely LOVED this interview with Holly. She has always been a role model for me. She is inspired and informed and most importantly, she is a generous and good person. She’s just the kind of person I would like to hang out with in the real world. If only she lived closer to Marrakech!

    Holly is the best. She is amazingly generous with her time, quickly responding to emails, sharing ideas and generally being supportive of all of us bloggers, design fans and anyone who wants to bring beauty into their life. As Maryam said so well…She is that girlfriend we all wish we had in our lives! If only she lived closer to Los Angeles!

    Thanks so much for the interview with Holly. Her picks are always amazing and I love the light-hearted style of her writing – as shown in this interview – she just seems so fun and down-to-earth, which are fantastic qualities to possess! She was so generous to help spread the word about my blog when I first started out – as she’s done with many others – and I will always be so grateful for that. Thanks for all you do, Holly! Cheers to your continued success!

    I really liked this interview with Holly–thanks! And I’ll be sure to browse around the rest of the shaks, too.

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