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    September 1, 2015
    Into The Woods

    I don’t have $500 laying around, but if I did I might be tempted to pick up one of these adorable Woodlore lamps from Anthropologie. Each one is hand carved from basswood and fitted with a brass socket you can position as desired. I especially like the squirrel running up the wall. My guess is we’ll be seeing these on sale in a few months.

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    August 31, 2015
    Etsy Find: Writer’s Block

    Magnetic cube-shaped pen (or brush) holders from Less & More, $28 for the set of two.

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    August 28, 2015
    Sourcing a Danish-Style Sofa

    I’ve always loved the mid-century look and recently I’ve been on the hunt for a Danish-style sofa. You know, the ones with the wooden bases. They give you the comfort of a sofa without the heavy, oversized feel of something fully upholstered. I’ve been keeping an eye out on Craig’s List hoping a vintage piece would show up at a reasonable price. But since I’m always a little wary of bringing home anything that might harbor bed bugs, I’ve been looking for new pieces as well. The good news is there are a few choices out there. Like the Cavett Love Seat from Crate & Barrel, currently on sale for $1274.

    I also discovered the Model 711 Danish Sofa from France & Sons. I’m not familiar with this company, but it looks like a nice piece. The upholstery is a wool blend and the frame is ash. Currently on sale for $1199 (down from $2300).

    And if you’ve got money to burn, check out the Raleigh sofa from DWR. I happened to walk by the store and saw this in the window. I went in to check it out, and ended up being talked into sitting down by a sales woman. This thing is one of the most comfortable sofas I have ever had the pleasure of sitting on. ¬†Prices for the two-seater start around $4000.


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    August 27, 2015
    Under the Sea

    I absolutely love the colors in this Sea Anemone pillow from Mod Cloth ($39.99). I could see this really popping against a white or cream sofa.

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    August 26, 2015
    Etsy Find: Confetti Riot

    I ran across a great little Etsy shop today. Confetti Riot makes pop-arty home goods in muted colors. Above, 16″x16″ peach cactus pillow, $30.

    Handwoven rug coasters, $40 for 4.

    Hand-painted ring dish, $18.

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    August 25, 2015
    Put Up Your Drawers

    I was at an estate sale this weekend and ran across several great-looking vintage file cabinets. I love the look of them, but don’t really have the space for another piece of furniture. Then I ran across this post from SF Girl By Bay featuring some vintage drawers hung as shelves. It’s a great industrial look and a nice way to upcycle a banged up file cabinet. You can even find smaller vintage drawers being sold on Etsy. Below, set of 2 army green industrial drawers, $22.

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    August 24, 2015
    Steal of the Week: World Market Lighting Sale

    World Market’s lighting prices are always pretty good, but right now they’re even better. They’ve got a lot of West Elm / Anthropologie style fixtures for a fraction of the cost. Above Quatrefoil Pendant Lamp, $80. Below, Brass Disc Pendant, $50.

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    August 21, 2015
    Class Up Your Collection

    I ran across this adorable method for displaying disparate collections over at SF Girl by Bay and fell in love. I actually have a small collection of 50s animal figurines that have been tucked away in a box for years for lack of a good way to put them out. Since I know glass cloches can be a bit pricey, I did a little checking and unexpectedly found some pretty good prices on Etsy.

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    August 20, 2015
    Wanted: Brass Cabinet Latch

    I recently ran across this photo of a lovely modern cabinet with Asian-inspired brass hardware and became obsessed. I think something like that center latch would be the perfect way to dress up my Ikea Besta cabinet. So, I dove down a little rabbit hole and was surprised by how hard these were to find. I think I spent a lot of time searching the wrong terms, but here’s what I eventually found.

    This 6.3″ diameter¬†brass door latch from Ali Express was by far the cheapest at $26.

    I also found a 9.5″ version on ebay for $43.

    And if I want to get really fancy, I found a more elaborate vintage version on ebay for $69.

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    August 19, 2015
    The Beauty of Organization

    Gorgeous bamboo and aluminum storage jars with felt liner from the Evie Group. Prices starting at $32.24.

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